Admittedly, I am not the most competitive person. My school years were not filled with tallying up my soccer game scores or displaying trophies on a shelf. In fact, after trying out for various teams and not making the cut, I decided to pursue a route that differed from those of my schoolmates. Cross country running was calling my name……Katie Katie, we choose you!!! They did not turn anyone away, that is. What a thrill this was for me, participating in a healthy social activity and learning to compete against myself in the process. Running is my favorite form of exercise to this day. I am always trying to run further, more often, participate in races, and encourage others to do the same.

Where I am going with this….well…

Years later a co-worker of mine, Chris(tine), mentioned a 30 day challenge she was about to begin. She was giving up certain foods and adding new exercise requirements into her daily life. I was instantly intrigued! A health challenge against oneself, avoiding temptation, all with a time limit that seemed possible. I was in. The 30 day challenge was born.

The most important concept to remember when doing a 30 day challenge is to be reasonable with yourself. Completely avoiding every single indulgence in your life is not always realistic. Believe me, my last challenge involved NO SWEETS! I made it about 15 days. Challenges of this sort may require a health coach (more on that another time). During my most successful 30 days without, I gave up alcohol, coffee, and french fries while increasing my exercise regimen. 30 days is just the right amount of time to start detoxing, see how your body reacts, and decide if you should make further changes after the 30 days are up.

Jump ahead to Katie and the Holidays of 2010!!

so much eating

so much drinking

A 30 challenge is in order and not just because a NEW year has begun. It is time to remind myself why I like competing…against myself. For starters, it has been a while since my last challenge and I feel both lethargic and antsy at the same time. Time to rejuvenate and not let winter get the best of me. My new challenge requires that I…

attend hot yoga every week

2 alcoholic beverages per week only

no potato products (this is a result of my french fry addiction and the potato chips that tempt me at work)

sweet potatoes are fine though, full of nutrients!                  

acupuncture every week during the cleanse to stay balanced

begin a regular running routine, join a gym perhaps.

Luckily, a few friends have joined me as I pursue my latest 30 day challenge. Encouragement from peers is key, pep talks are often needed, and success stories are always more fun to share alongside those you love.

In the future, I would love to start 30 day challenge groups. Perhaps, have a forum where those involved can keep one another up to date on daily struggles as well as progress. Please e-mail me at if you are interested. I will keep a list of names and be in touch for my, or OUR, next challenge!

Wish me luck.