Here is an update on my 30 day challenge from this past month. As each day went on, I learned more about the difference between NEEDING and WANTING something. For starters, I don’t need to eat every potato product set before me.

Don’t get me wrong, they called my name at work in the form of roasted, mashed, and chip. I had to look away, and over time, viewed the pesky potato as optional!! To my surprise, I am not counting down the days until I shovel a plate of french fries into my mouth at full speed.

Hot yoga has been great, it has become a routine in my life again. Starting my week off with hope for health, energy, and balance is so refreshing! Walking to coffee with friends directly after doesn’t hurt either.

Acupuncture has also been a blessing, every week I look forward to my visit with Stacy DeMarco! I have been seeing her for a couple months now, coming a long way from my first session when the needles TERRIFIED me. Stacy even has the ability to anticipate the every day struggles created by my own mind and body. After my next appointment, I will start going every other week, but I have no doubt that my time with her has done wonders for my challenge. Check her out!!

Drinking on the other hand….

A bit more of a challenge, yet I held my composure and stayed strong….up until early this week.

The first three weeks I was diligent about not going over my two drink limit. I planned out when each drink would be, saving one for a special occasion, birthday, or ladies night. Ironically, not drinking is my favorite cleanse of all, hands down! I feel energized, alert, awake, and excited about life when I am not drinking. However, I sure do enjoy drinking! It also remains both a social aspect in my life and a treat at the end of a long work day.

Oh….wait….you want to know why I slipped up?

I blame this

This past Monday I decided to see Blue Valentine at The Charles Theater with two girlfriends. We were the only people there as it was the middle of the day! This movie was good, maybe too good, stirred up some emotions that led us to comment our way through many scenes [don’t worry, not one of my bad movie habits]. Blue Valentine has severe ups and downs, a drink [or TWO] was in order as those credits began to roll. Did I mention that I had already enjoyed my first drink of the week the day before?

In the end, I went over my weekly limit. I am not proud to admit this, but it happened and I will learn from the experience.

Overall, I am walking away from these 30 days feeling stronger, healthier, and more aware of my body and what it needs. I started running again and yesterday I joined the gym. A decent start to 2011! Like I said in a previous post, I am not perfect. Doing the best I can and continuing to challenge myself will only make me stronger. Hopefully, each time I strive for success, it will be easier to reach it.

This may sound funny, but I am diving right into another challenge on February 1st. I really enjoyed this past one, mistakes and all! A focus on exercise and fewer sweets is on the agenda. If you would like to do your OWN challenge, as in you pick your focus, let me know by January 31st and I will be starting a Facebook support group. I can’t wait to encourage one another!