Ok, here is the deal, I have been meaning to do 30 days of posting to get myself back in the spirit of blogging. It can be really hard to get the process rolling when you are running on empty from holiday madness! Champagne anyone?

However, a few recent experiences have inspired me to put the plan into action. Last month, I attended a Baltimore conference called Bmore Historic, I was surrounded by individuals seeking to celebrate Baltimore history and looking for creative avenues to do so. Post conference, I was invited to participate in Fun-A-Day Baltimore, a city wide project enticing participants to spend 30 days documenting those creative juices that everyone talks about. The concept was just the nudge I needed to start up my blog again. The second inspirational boost came from my friend Josie Whitmore So, she just got married by the way!

We have the pleasure of working next door to one another. She works at Nest, an eco-friendly clothing and home goods store while I’m working at Great Sage, a vegan restaurant. Just yesterday, we were both outside chatting about our individual desires for 2012. She mentioned posting a sketch on her blog, Legs For Snakes, for 30 days and I let her in on my similar idea to maintain this blog for a full month! So here I go, attempting to post everyday, looking forward to whatever happens along the way.

Did I mention that I saw a rainbow on New Years Day? That’s got to be a positive sign!

What are your plans for 2012, any goals or resolutions?