Today, Katie (red) Shinsato and I went to pick up all the photos from our ‘Baltimore: Place to Place‘ photography exhibit that has been shown at The Wind Up Space for the past two months. Here is Katie just after we loaded up our cars with Baltimore photographs.

We have exciting news, the show is currently in the early stages of moving to a new location, Baltimore’s Youth Hostel located in Mount Vernon. Here is a brief description of the project and some pictures from our opening back in early November.

“Baltimore: A Place to Place Photo Project: the project is intended to examine place, more importantly to acknowledge  the space around you and then take a deeper look at your surroundings by photographing them. Members of the project are Baltimore residents from various areas, some with a photography background and many without. Each participant was told to share a place of interest in Baltimore, options could be as broad as an entire neighborhood or as specific as someones favorite tree. Locations are then swapped amongst members and participants are asked to photograph a place that they did not choose. This allows the photographer to go somewhere that may be new to them and capture the space in whatever creative light they desire. ”

Here is Dan Stack speaking about the bocce ball courts located in Little Italy.

There was even music, check out Patrick Rife, he had a photo in the show as well.

Katie and I were thrilled to have Teenage Souls play and We Used To Be Family headlined.

Our first successful art show!

We could not have done it without all of our wonderful participants, those who helped promote the show and our talented new friend Jason Hoylman who is the art curator at Wind Up and helped us hang the photographs. I was excited to find out that his work will now be shown throughout January, soft opening to be announced.

Time to start thinking about our next project!