One of my resolutions for 2012 is to go to a yoga class once a week, this can be hard when yoga is often expensive and offered at times that conflict with my schedule. My general form of exercise is to run out the door and around my neighborhood, Mount Vernon, for a good 45 minutes. However, running is not enough, I want to incorporate strength training and stretching into my regimen. Enter yoga, it works your core muscles, enhances balance, stretches you out, then calms you down!

The question is, how do I make a yoga practice fit into my hectic schedule? Luckily, I have friends like Beth, she lives a few blocks away and loves yoga. Often, she will text me the night before a morning yoga class and encourage me to join her. Here she is last summer, we often get coffee after the class, one of my favorite treats post workout.

Did I mention that I found community yoga classes for $6? Charm City Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes at a reduced rate, making it much easier to say yes when I am summoned to attend a morning class. I can even walk to the Midtown location, 90 minutes of hot yoga just blocks from my apartment. This afternoon, I decided to squeeze in a class with my friend Jessie Sue who more often opts to run like myself.

We were a little rusty, looking around the room at all those limber yogis sure can be intimidating. Despite a few moments where we thought our downward dogs could not be held for one second longer, we walked out of the studio discussing future yoga dates. There is nothing like challenging yourself, especially with a new year underway. This blog is definitely a challenge, just like yoga, feeling intimidated can often get the best of you. The rewards are worth it though and I hope to make it through my 30 days of writing just as I hope to get myself to a yoga class next week.