It’s been a long day and last night was no picnic either due to the little guy below. My cat, Silas, has not been feeling well the past few days and woke Michael and I up throughout the night. I will spare you the gruesome details, hint, he was unable to keep food or water down.

I have had Silas for most of my ten years in Baltimore. He has moved around with me and kept me company through the good and bad, the one roommate who does not change. Like many cats, he has his quirks. Licking or eating plastic is one of them and may very well be the culprit for his current ailment. My parents offered to take him to the vet today because Michael and I were both working, so thankful to have them close enough to help out. Here is where we stand at the moment, I was offered the option to try $80 medicine or spend over $600 on blood work and x-rays. Looks like I’m going with the medicine for now, keeping a close eye on the little guy. Stay tuned, I will admit, I am willing to go out of my way to keep my buddy Silas around.