I had a hard time deciding what to blog about today until the decision pretty much greeted me at the door. After working a double at work, Michael told me he had a present for me as he started to gather the stack of mail piled on the table. A present in the form of bills, the kind that you wish you could re-gift! Hello overdue loans and bank statements, not to mention the various medical offices telling me I still owe such and such amount of money after I thought my insurance covered it.

There was a time when I loved checking the mail, letters from friends or all those magazines I once subscribed to made it much more pleasant. Lately, aside from those peak holiday months, the mail has been a real letdown. Going paperless is one way to avoid sifting through a stack of information you would rather tackle online. The only problem is, online accounts mean creating various usernames and different passwords for each. I cannot tell you how many paperless set ups I have created where the login information was forgotten within days of its creation! Has this ever happened to you? It becomes laughable after a while, constantly trying to remember what letter and number combination I may have been feeling good about on the given day. Still, paperless seems the way to go, better for the environment and less painful once the mailbox is opened. On a bright note, I did find this J.Crew magazine along with a lovely letter and card from my cousin Beth and her family tucked amongst the stressful pile! Nothing like amazing family and clothing catalogs to make your night just a little better!